Joseph “Mr. Joe” Mohrfeld Director of Brewing

Oh hey, Joe here, I am the Director of Brewing here at Pinthouse Pizza. I believe in a couple of things when it comes to brewing... primarily, I like our beer to pair well with six more… what does that mean you ask… well, we like to brew flavorful, complex, and interesting beers that still remain very drinkable (i.e. our highly drinkable 10.5% Fully Adrift Double IPA or the 6.5% Electric Jellyfish IPA). The Pinthouse Pizza brewing style is hop-forward American craft beers heavily influenced by the English pub tradition, where it was commonplace to pull up a barstool and stay for a pint or five while spending time with friends. It is through a respect for the craft – both an understanding of the science and the embracement of culture and art – that we construct our beers here at Pinthouse Pizza. We love to brew beer that we like to drink... we loosely adhere to traditional style when it applies... but our main focus is always innovation, collaboration and the progression of American craft beer. Although our approach is typically hop forward, we brew beers across many different styles and have been recognized for beers across these many styles at various competitions. I Hope to see you in Pinthouse soon, and don’t be afraid to grab myself or one of our brewers if you have a question about our beers, brewery, or even 19th century continental philosophy... preferably over a pint!

Jacob “Leisure Wolf” Passey Assistant to the Director of Brewing

I have been interested in beer since I first discovered it existed; my fascination began earlier than it probably should while growing up in Oregon. The love of beer grew even larger while living in Western Montana during my early adult years where beer and breweries seemed to be a foundation of the culture. I tried to find my spot in the brewing industry for years, convinced that it was my path. When I moved to Austin, I became involved with the Pinthouse crew and the stars aligned. Mr. Joe gave me the opportunity to start my career in brewing. Cheers to everyone that makes it possible for me to make the tasty beverages that I enjoy!

Trevor “Huggy Bear” Kelly Head Brewer, Pinthouse Pizza Round Rock

In 2003, I left the cultural hub that is northeast Kansas and moved to Arizona. It was there that I discovered craft beer and instantly loved Colorado, Oregon, and California IPAs. This love carried over into home brewing, where I started experimenting and making hoppy beer. Pinthouse Pizza opened its doors and I found what I had been longing for since moving to Austin in 2011: a brewpub that offered hop-forward beer focused on aroma and flavor. After two years of haunting Pinthouse… Joe, Jacob, and the Pinthouse crew gave me the opportunity of a lifetime and the chance to marry a passion with an occupation. My mission is to brew delicious, exciting, hoppy beer to share with the world.