Tap Schedule Pinthouse Lamar

Lil' Sebastian Wit – 5.7% ABV

This magical lovechild of Belgian tradition and American ingenuity is brewed in our open-top fermenter with sweet orange peel and coriander. Lil’ Sebastian’s nose is filled with sweet orange, rustic grain, peppery and fruity berries, followed with mild dry estery mouthfeel and an extremely clean finish.

Tap Date:  October 27, 11:00 am

Pellet Pro American Pale Ale – 6.0% ABV

Pellet Pro is a crisp, light, and refreshing classic new-aged American Pale. Brewed to showcase the intensity of the T-90 hop pellet, this beer features a juicy fruit character and bright orange zest with notes of mango and stone fruit derived from Mosaic, Amarillo and El Dorado hops.

Tap Date:  November 3, 11:00 am

Wet Hop Nomura Imperial Jellyfish DIPA – 10.0% ABV

This creature from the deep reemerges with its big tropical citrus character and dank orange, catty, juicy, and mostly dangerous notes! Brewed with Citra Lupulin Powder, Mosaic, Simcoe, Galaxy, and Azacca hops, the big characteristics of this hazy Double IPA are layered over floral notes to make this beer balanced and juicy.

Tap Date:  November 4, 11:00 am

Joe's Magical Pils – 5.3% ABV

A truly German style pilsner brewed with Heirloom pilsner malt and Hallertau Mittlefrüh hops, giving it beautiful herbal and floral Noble hop characteristics, and a nice soft mouthfeel.

Tap Date:  November 10, 11:00 am

What The @#&$ Is Juice NE IPA – 7.0% ABV

Straight JOOOOICE! A hop-filled haze bomb brewed with a soft pillowy mouthfeel that provides the foundation for a barrage of flavor, aroma hop additions and a double dry hop made up of Citra, Amarillo, El Dorado, and Mosaic Lupulin Powder. This New England IPA is juicy, fruity, and dank in all the right places!

Tap Date:  November 17, 11:00 am

Tap Schedule Pinthouse Burnet

Man O' War IPA – 6.5% ABV

It could be argued that our brewers are more than just a little obsessed with hops… This obsession led to the creation of our flagship IPA, Man O’ War, an aggressively dry-hopped, West Coast influenced IPA with a huge hop display of tropical citrus, grapefruit, and resinous pine. Brewed with Simcoe Lupulin Powder, Mosaic, Citra, and Azacca hops, this is a brew for those who truly love and appreciate all of the goodness that comes from those delicious little green cones.

Tap Date:  October 18, 11:00 am

Nitro Seal Dry Irish Stout – 6.1% ABV

Our flagship Dry Irish Stout is a little bolder than the commercial example most people are familiar with. This version of our Bearded Seal on Nitro is filled with delicious aromas and flavors of roasted coffee and dark chocolate, while the nitrogenation adds a smooth creamy mouthfeel to this stout.

Tap Date:  October 20, 11:00 am

Wet Hop Fully Adrift DIPA – 10.5% ABV

The 2014 Alpha King Competition runner-up and 2015 Los Angeles International Beer Competition Silver Medal-winner for Double IPA. Fully Adrift is a massively hopped, sticky, dank, tropical, resinous and magical double IPA brewed from a secret combination of hops added at over 8 lbs. per barrel! The wet hops used in this year’s batch are Citra and Mosaic grown on Loftus Ranches. Fully Adrift is one of the most innovative double IPAs out there, its rich and juicy body is a combination of malt and hop oils leaving this beer juicy and dank and your mouth full of delicious hop character.

Tap Date:  October 21, 11:00 am

Training Bines IPA – 7.0% ABV

Training Bines forgoes traditional bitterness in favor of a rounded juicy finish and a wonderfully complex olfaction profile of fruit, citrus, pine and floral notes from some of the Simcoe Lupulin Powder, Mosaic Lupulin Powder, and the Citra hops. An incredibly drinkable, dank, and beautifully nuanced example of what can be done when you focus on the quality of the hop and the farmers who grow it!

Tap Date:  October 27, 11:00 am

This is Juice IPA – 7.0% ABV

Some have asked, “WTF is Juice?” The Burnet brew crew has the answer with this brand new brew, the This Is Juice IPA! This hazy IPA brewed with Azacca hops, Citra Lupulin Powder, and Equinot Lupulin Powder, showcases passion fruit, citrus, and dank notes coupled with a soft mouthfeel. Who is ready to start juicing?!

Tap Date:  October 27, 11:00 am

Bestest Coast DIPA – 10.0% ABV

Brewed with Amarillo and Mosaic hops, and double dry hopped with Citra and Simcoe Lupulin Powder, this West Coast Style Double IPA hits you with intensely catty, dank, and tropical citrus characteristics. This is a big beer that you’re not going to want to miss! What’s better than the best, the Bestest!

Tap Date:  November 3, 11:00 am

Juicy Bines IPA – 7.0% ABV

This hazy IPA is a variation of our Training Bines IPA, and showcases a tropical fruit-forward hop profile. Brewed with Hallertau Blanc, Amarillo, and Galaxy hops, this hop bomb brandishes a sweet tropical fruit aroma and a soft juicy body.

Tap Date:  November 10, 11:00 am

Joe's Magical Pils – 5.3% ABV

A truly German style pilsner brewed with Heirloom pilsner malt and Loral hops. This magical elixir showcases notes of light floral, herbal and fruity hop, balanced with a dusting of spiced fruit character and a refreshingly soft mouthfeel.

Tap Date:  November 10, 11:00 am