Birthdays, office meetings, family reunions, holiday parties, graduation parties, tailgates, bris, pet birthdays, bird watching events, track and field events, event horizons… we don’t really care. If you need Beer, Pizzas, & Salads: we cater! (disclaimer: we unfortunately cannot cater anywhere near a black hole event horizon, and even if we could no-one would be able to see it. Actually, scratch that… we totally cater black holes event horizons. That black hole likes to party.)

We offer catering packages or can customize an offering to your specific needs. We do have a $200 minimum, but we promise it will be the best $200 you ever spent on catered food from Pinthouse Pizza.

Stop by the store to talk to a manager or drop us an email at, and we’ll get you hooked up and ready to focus on your event… or your cat’s birthday. Mr. Whiskers deserves nothing but the best: Pinthouse Pizza!